1-Hour Nutrition Session.

A 1 hour intensive session with Grace to assess your current health & goals and create a personalised plan to kickstart your wellness journey.

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This is for you if:

  • You desire clarity & understanding of your own health and how you can make a huge shift to your wellness.

  • You want to work on being closer to reaching the dream version of yourself.

  • You feel motivated & inspired to make a positive impact on your health.

  • You would love to have a bespoke wellness plan of action to follow to support you to feel your best.

Examples of areas I work with you on include:

Hormonal imbalances such as: Heavy periods, painful periods, acne, menopause, fertility.

Gut issues such as: IBS, Intolerances, SIBO, Leaky Gut, IBD and Coeliac Disease.

Weight management: supporting you to rebalance your body & shift excess weight.

Pre wedding/event: supporting you to achieve the ultimate glow ahead of your big day or special event.

Post pregnancy refresh: supporting you post pregnancy to re-nourish your body with the nutrients it needs.

  • A 1 hour 1:1 session

  • Full health & lifestyle assessment

  • Bespoke nutrition & lifestyle plan of action

  • Hand picked recipes, sample menu plans of wellness tools

  • Discount on the 1:1 programme.

What's Included:

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Investment: £300. Payment plans from £75.

Client Results

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"When I first started with Grace I was at rock bottom with my health. Grace turned my life around. I now have daily habits I use and have learnt to love nutrition. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without her support. It has been truly life changing."

-Tilly Hayden

"Working with Grace has been life changing."

Client Results

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I finished the programme a couple of months ago and my body is totally different, I have regular cycles that were non existent before, clearer skin and gut improvement. My body and mind feels so much better now!"

-Paige Cook

"I can honestly say that taking part in Graces hormone rebalancing programme has been the best self-investment I have ever made!"

Client Results

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I went to Grace with a long list of issues and we worked together over the months to address them individually and honestly I was left feeling like a new person inside and out. Within 4 months of working with Grace, my acne cleared right up, slept like a baby, energy levels increased and was consistent throughout the day, periods on track and barely noticeable, and I hadn’t got sick at all. I also noticed massive changes to my physical and mental health! All I can say to Grace is thank you.. Thank you for helping me unlock confidence and a well balanced life!

-Ellie Martin

"Working with Grace honestly changed my life… best decision I ever made. "

Client Results

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I was in a really bad place when I reached out to Grace. I lived with constant debilitating symptoms that were making it really hard for me to function and run my busy business. Now 6 months down the line, Im pretty much symptom free! After the first few weeks I noticed a massive difference in my pain levels, my sleep, my energy levels and my cycle just didnt seem to bother me any more. I cant encourage others enough to reach out to Grace, it will change everything!

-Emily Little

"I cant encourage others enough to reach out to Grace, it will change everything!"