Female Flow is for the woman who is READY take her wellness & mindset to the next level, to stop letting issues with her health hold her back & is ready to step into her full potential & magic. 







This is for the                    that...


Is READY to stop letting issues with her health hold her back & is ready to step into her full potential & magic

Is craving expansion, elevation & to completely up level her health and mindset

Desires to go deeper on her healing journey and take her health, mindset & spirituality to the next level

Desires connection, community, coaching & to be held and supported in a safe loving space

Is READY to go on a the most healing & transformative 6 months with coaching & guidance in a sisterhood container.

You're beyond                 to be able to...


OPTIMISE your health: rebalance your hormones, heal your gut, and supercharge your energy.

Step  back into your power: overcome loss of purpose & low mood and begin to live as the most aligned & abundant version of you

Reconnect to your magic, your female body & feminine energy so you can feel like the goddess you are

Live holistically, putting the most nourishing foods and nutrients into your body to help you to thrive

Join me for the next 6 months in a sisterhood online group programme to embark on the most healing experience for your body & soul. 

You will be guided through the exact steps to optimise your health, reconnect you to your female body & realign your purpose so that you can live as the most abundant & aligned version of you.

A blend of science, self care & mindset - using nutrition, supplements, herbs, lifestyle & spirituality.  


Bespoke nutrition, supplement & lifestyle protocols


2x a month online session  for coaching & support on your healing journey  with a blend of both 1:1 hot seat coaching with intuitive healing sessions.

bi weekly online sessions


6 months of coaching & support with me as your mentor, biggest cheerleader & personal nutritionist and mindset coach.

6 months of coaching & support


whats included?

Specific guidance  & areas for you to focus on using nutrition, supplements, herbs & lifestyle.

group coaching chat


Monday-Friday online  group chat access via Voxer for coaching, support & guidance between calls.

**bonus: wellness retreat day**


For delicious inspo to use along the programme and goodies such as journaling work books, oracle card readings & meditations



With trainings including topics such as overcoming your period problems, reconnecting to your bodies, cyclical living, detoxification, identifying your purpose & power and feminine energy healing. 

the female flow online course


A magical day spent together at my wellness clinic for healing sessions, nourishment & lots of goodies



The vibey-est wellness day in London to celebrate all the transformations that are taking place & dive deeper on coaching over food at cute wellness spots.

"I can't thank you enough so far. Just to feel normal again is such a weight lifted. Your work is magic"

"I am SO happy as I have just come on. This is the first time in 8 months & I can't tell you how much happier I feel in myself."

K.B- Client

"Can't even tell you how much more energy I have. Skins cleared, better moods, less bloating, relationship with food improving. Came on my period exactly a month to the day - that's never happened before"

E.L - Client

"I can't remember the last time I felt this well during my period & didn't experience horrendous PMT symptoms. This is the best I have felt"

real life

Success Stories

S.B - Client

J.P - Client

Ready to go on the most transformational health journey?  To be held and guided in a sisterhood space by a nutritionist & coach who's been in your shoes and was able to turn her health around 360? To finally live your life balanced and as the most abundant version of you?

It's time to finally heal your health & live in your full potential

with the power of nutrition, mindset & spirituality


Female Flow Academy

"I can honestly say that contacting Grace and taking part in her hormone rebalancing programme has been the best self-investment I have ever made! For the past 10 years I've been back and forth to doctors and dermatologists regarding my hormones and acne without avail (no fault of theirs it's just a different science). I decided I needed to try sorting this out from the inside so I signed up with Grace for a 4 month programme and within the first month I noticed a difference!! Not only did my skin significantly clear up the other issues addressed in our (very thorough) consultation started to go and my body just felt so much better! Grace is amazing, she doesn't just guide you through the programme she actually teaches about the programme and why/how the items she's put in place are there. It's all about adding to your diet, not taking away which I was a bit worried about when I first started. I finished the programme a couple of months ago and my body is totally different, I have regular cycles that were non existent before, clearer skin and gut improvement. My body and mind feels so much better now! I feel like I've learnt so much from my experience with Grace that will help me going forward. I would highly, highly recommend speaking to Grace if you have any kind of hormone/gut issues. She not only really knows her stuff she's so lovely, helpful and really puts you at ease. I can't thank her enough for everything she has done!"

- Paige Cook

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"I was in a really bad place when I reached out to Grace. I lived with constant debilitating symptoms that were making it really hard for me to function and run my busy business. Now 6 months down the line, Im pretty much symptom free! After the first few weeks I noticed a massive difference in my pain levels, my sleep, my energy levels and my cycle just didn't seem to bother me any more where as before I would live in fear of how bad I would feel each month and then find myself bed ridden for days at a time loosing out on work and my weekends. As the months went on, things got better and better and now after 6 months, living my life in pain seems like a distant memory! I cant encourage others enough to reach out to Grace, it will change everything."

- Emily Little

"Grace has been amazing in helping me completely transform my gut health! I saw results within a couple of weeks and noticed my energy levels increase, skin clear up, bloating go away and periods become more regular. I couldn’t recommend Grace enough if you’re suffering with gut/hormone issues. Thank you Grace for being so lovely and helpful on my gut healing journey."

- Kerri Barron

"Grace is absolutely amazing and I would recommend to anyone I spoke to! She is so easy to talk to and identify problems and goals with, within weeks of starting my programme I had seen results with bloating and even weight loss that I had never been able to achieve before. Even after finishing my plan a while ago I still use the information and diet tips I learnt from Grace and haven’t had a flair up of my problems since. I feel the best I have felt in a long time and finally understand my body’s food needs and that is all down to Graces plan! Couldn’t say enough good things." 

- Thea Taylor

"I started my journey with Grace after years of gut related issues and hospital referrals and never finding any solutions. Feeling sick after meals, bloating, pain etc. were pretty much an every day occurrence for me so I didn’t have much hope in any changes but was willing to try anything. Grace was very calm, warm and friendly in her approach and made me understand that my issues were more common than I realised. She set up a plan tailored entirely to my needs, lifestyle and eating habits and just a few weeks into following this plan, my symptoms started improving. It’s now been 8 weeks and I cannot believe the changes in how my stomach feels, I feel healthier, my gut stronger and my symptoms have faded massively. I now eat my meals and don’t dread the outcome as I know my gut has healed and is so much more robust than it was before. I cannot thank Grace enough for all of the help she gave me and I would recommend anyone having gut related issues to get in touch with her!

- Leah Milsom



Your about to go on the most healing & transformative journey of your life girl!

Let's Do This

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