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Nutrition & Wellness to TRANSFORM Your Hormone & Gut Health 

I'm Grace. Nutritionist and Gut & Hormone Specialist. My mission is to guide you to heal your gut, rebalance your hormones & transform your mind & body so you can live as the best version of you.

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Hi!  I'm Grace, Nutritionist  and specialist of both gut & hormone health. I help women to heal their gut health, rebalance their hormones & transform their mind & bodies so they can live as the best version of themselves.

If you suffer with daily digestive issues, imbalanced hormones, or your general health feels sluggish - I've got you! And I'm ready to guide & support you to transform your health.

To go on the most transformational health journey of your life?

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Female Flow Academy is the group programme for the woman who is ready to rebalance her hormone health, to reconnect to her female body, to regulate her cycle, to redefine her purpose & to step into her power so that she can live as the most abundant version of herself.

Female Flow Academy

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The 1-1 Transform Programme is for the woman that is ready to completely transform her health - her hormones & gut health & her mind, body & spirit. The highest level of support from me. Monthly consultations, weekly check ins, bespoke nutrition/lifestyle/supplement plans, tons of recipes, sample menu plans & unlimited access to me on my online chat. This is where the major life changing transformations take place and I'm here for you every step of the way. 

1-1 Transform

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My approach is unique. I use a blend of nutrition, supplements, herbs, lifestyle tools, mindset practices & spirituality to help women to unlock the version of their health beyond their wildest dreams. 

"I can honestly say that contacting Grace and taking part in her hormone rebalancing programme has been the best self-investment I have ever made! For the past 10 years I've been back and forth to doctors and dermatologists regarding my hormones and acne without avail (no fault of theirs it's just a different science). I decided I needed to try sorting this out from the inside so I signed up with Grace for a 4 month programme and within the first month I noticed a difference!! Not only did my skin significantly clear up the other issues addressed in our (very thorough) consultation started to go and my body just felt so much better! Grace is amazing, she doesn't just guide you through the programme she actually teaches about the programme and why/how the items she's put in place are there. It's all about adding to your diet, not taking away which I was a bit worried about when I first started. I finished the programme a couple of months ago and my body is totally different, I have regular cycles that were non existent before, clearer skin and gut improvement. My body and mind feels so much better now! I feel like I've learnt so much from my experience with Grace that will help me going forward. I would highly, highly recommend speaking to Grace if you have any kind of hormone/gut issues. She not only really knows her stuff she's so lovely, helpful and really puts you at ease. I can't thank her enough for everything she has done!"

- Paige Cook

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"I was in a really bad place when I reached out to Grace. I lived with constant debilitating symptoms that were making it really hard for me to function and run my busy business. Now 6 months down the line, Im pretty much symptom free! After the first few weeks I noticed a massive difference in my pain levels, my sleep, my energy levels and my cycle just didn't seem to bother me any more where as before I would live in fear of how bad I would feel each month and then find myself bed ridden for days at a time loosing out on work and my weekends. As the months went on, things got better and better and now after 6 months, living my life in pain seems like a distant memory! I cant encourage others enough to reach out to Grace, it will change everything."

- Emily Little

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"Grace has been amazing in helping me completely transform my gut health! I saw results within a couple of weeks and noticed my energy levels increase, skin clear up, bloating go away and periods become more regular. I couldn’t recommend Grace enough if you’re suffering with gut/hormone issues. Thank you Grace for being so lovely and helpful on my gut healing journey."

- Kerri Barron

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"Grace is absolutely amazing and I would recommend to anyone I spoke to! She is so easy to talk to and identify problems and goals with, within weeks of starting my programme I had seen results with bloating and even weight loss that I had never been able to achieve before. Even after finishing my plan a while ago I still use the information and diet tips I learnt from Grace and haven’t had a flair up of my problems since. I feel the best I have felt in a long time and finally understand my body’s food needs and that is all down to Graces plan! Couldn’t say enough good things." 

- Thea Taylor

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"I started my journey with Grace after years of gut related issues and hospital referrals and never finding any solutions. Feeling sick after meals, bloating, pain etc. were pretty much an every day occurrence for me so I didn’t have much hope in any changes but was willing to try anything. Grace was very calm, warm and friendly in her approach and made me understand that my issues were more common than I realised. She set up a plan tailored entirely to my needs, lifestyle and eating habits and just a few weeks into following this plan, my symptoms started improving. It’s now been 8 weeks and I cannot believe the changes in how my stomach feels, I feel healthier, my gut stronger and my symptoms have faded massively. I now eat my meals and don’t dread the outcome as I know my gut has healed and is so much more robust than it was before. I cannot thank Grace enough for all of the help she gave me and I would recommend anyone having gut related issues to get in touch with her!

- Leah Milsom

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"I did a 3 month programme with Grace and was amazed when I saw results after month 1. Grace did a really detailed questionnaire to understand my health history so that she could provide the most accurate advice. My programme was completely tailored to me and I very quickly experienced the desired effects.
Grace is friendly and personable and always made me feel at ease. This is really important when talking about sensitive issues. She was always on hand to answer any questions and give advice outside of our appointments. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Victoria Mortimer

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"Grace worked with me for 3 months and I had THE best experience. I learnt so much about myself and nutrition. It has been most helpful for me to be more aware about how best to look after my physical and mental health through what I eat. I would recommend Grace again and again - she has been so friendly, so supportive, so knowledgable and I feel I could approach her again at anytime."

- Abi Constable

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"I have worked with Grace over the last few years for various issues and symptoms I’ve experienced and I can not recommend her enough. Grace is intuitive, caring, insightful and highly skilled, she really listens to you and asks the right questions to help her come up with your tailored plan to follow. Then she will check in to see how things are and give further guidance if required to change the plan to ensure it works. I would highly recommend Grace to anyone thinking of or needing to work with a nutritionist."

- Anna Del Molino

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"Simply the best experience ever and I will chose it 100 times again. She studies totally your needs and act accordingly losing weight and fixing your problems in a healthy way. I had 0 intolerance's at the end of the session with her and I never felt better before. Thank you for your time Grace and they are money worth it to spend."

- Cristina Cataldi

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“I am so pleased that I found Grace to help me. Grace is super professional and friendly and has helped me so much with my gut health. The changes I have noticed with my gut health and my mental health throughout the last 4 months have been so positive.”

- Katherine Palmer

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“My experience using Grace Carey-Caton Nutrition and Wellness has been great. She certainly knows her stuff, listens and takes on boards facets of your diet and lifestyle to tailor your plan to you. The advice I have been given and supporting material has marked a significant change in my digestive health and helped me to move towards weight goals.”

- James Moore

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“Grace is a star and absolutely amazing at what she does! She has helped me out so much with her kind and caring attitude towards her work. She always makes me feel 100% at ease and will do everything within her power to make sure you have everything to keep you on the right track. She keeps in close contact and offers tips and tricks to help you out. I could not recommend her enough and im excited to see even more progression with my gut health! ”

- Sophie Nightingale

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“I went to Grace for nutrition advice and a consultation earlier this year and I can honestly say she has changed my whole health for the better. She is very knowledgable and will print you out helpful guides to include what is necessary in your diet. If I have any problems with skin/gut even stress that doesn’t seem to go away, Grace will recommend the right supplements and foods to help. Thank you Grace for all your help!”

- Molly Rourke

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"Grace has been an absolute pleasure to work with, she is so easy to talk to and gives support and great advice throughout the whole time working with her! Really changed my mind set on food and has helped me greatly with my PCOS which I was feeling so anxious about before. Highly recommend!"

- Marianna Theocharri

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"Best decision I ever made going with Grace, came through as a recommendation by a family member. She has been very supportive and a lovely person to communicate with.Her expertise and knowledge of nutrition has guided me to the right direction leading to a more healthier lifestyle in just a few months."

- Shammi Maker

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"I have been a client with Grace for 6 months and I am very pleased with the overall transformation of my mind, body and inner well being. My journey first started in April and each month I experienced significant difference that within myself that has opened my eyes to how I can better support my health and well being that I have been lacking. Grace has offered endless support and guidance throughout my journey and I am very grateful for my experience. My journey will continue as I will continue to adapt all that I have learnt to continue my progress. I have giving endless compliments and shared my experience with Grace to others so they too can have the same experience. 10/10 service.”

- Michaela Graham Gardener

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"I have just finished my 6 month plan with Grace and I am so grateful for everything she has done for me. As well as being extremely knowledgeable, Grace is extremely supportive, helping you to achieve your goals in a realistic and healthy way. I would look forward to each months plan as I knew it was tailored to me and my needs. I originally considered myself quite well informed when it comes to nutrition, however Grace really opened my eyes to lots of new areas and provided me with plenty of specific foods and supplements that helped to improve my specific symptoms. Grace not only helped me to improve my relationship with food but helped me to feel more energised and satisfied day to day. A lot of my symptoms have improved since I’ve been with Grace, which truly emphasises the power of food and it’s ability to improve your daily life. Would recommend Grace to anyone, she is truly amazing!"

- Julia Gamble

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"I signed up as I have auto-immune conditions. She helped me understand my body and what to eat and not eat, something no one tells you about. My conditions have improved and I feel so much more energetic now. It’s been a pleasure"

- Aya Al-Kubaisy


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